Announcing my new Artist name!

2017-01-28 14:32:59 by sigma16

So, Ive been planning this for quite a while. I figured that its time for change so I came up with a more original name for myself: "Arrez". Ive spent quite a bit of time getting things ready for this (A name change isnt as easy as it sounds!) and Im finally ready.

Ive decided to set myself up a new youtube account for a fresh start over there so if you subbed to my old one then be sure to sub to my new one (I dont plan on uploading songs to my old one long term). Ive also taken this opportunity to set myself up with a social media account on twitter where I can share both my music and other assorted things. You can find a link to both in my contact info.

In other news Ive also finished my first track since june last year which I feel is a massive accomplishment because Ive been struggling quite a bit when it comes to composing music over the last 6 months, and after finishing something again Ive regained a lot of my confidence. Im working on the final things I need to get it up right now and it should be up later tonight. Ill be sure to make an edit here when I get it up!

Thanks! ;D

EDIT: Here it is! I hope you all enjoy ;)

Hey everyone, just thought Id let you all know I now have a soundcloud and will also upload my tracks there if you want to go check it out.

Heres the link to my profile:

In other news, I have Exams for the rest of this month but Im still going to try to wedge some production in between revision (After all, It cant be all work and no play! X3) so you can still expect something from me soon, but it will probably be more towards the end of the month and starting next month that I have more free time to do things.

Thanks ~ Sigma

I now have a YouTube Channel! :3

2015-09-08 17:34:15 by sigma16

Hey Everyone :P I finally got a youtube channel  for my music stuff ;D

Heres the link:

Go check it out because youll be sure to find things there that you wont here like previews of upcoming tracks :) (theres one there already for you peeps to check out!)

It looks pretty ugly at the moment because the channel is brand new but Ill be sure to sort things out in the future ;)