Finally done with my exams, and college as a whole (hopefully!) (Status Update 1-07-2017)

2017-07-01 18:54:57 by sigma16

Okay, so its been half a year yet again *sigh* definitely didnt keep to my new year resolution. Still, now that my exams are over I have three whole months of time to burn until I go of to university (If I even get into university xD)

Ive been working on music over the last half a year, some projects have stood the test of time where others have not. Right now though I have three full song projects in the works (one of which is about 75% finished) and one more lightweight project, as well as several others planned. My main problem is Im too much of a perfectionist and give up when I cant get things the way I want them. I certainly need to start pushing crap out though if I want to start pushing out gold. Thats how things work, not everything can be perfect.

Im going to do something different this time and instead of saying that there will be lots of stuff coming and I will get back into things properly Im going to be honest with you (and myself) and say that they will come out when they are ready. Im not going to rush on things, because I dont have fun doing that, but I will definitely try to slack on things less than I am right now.

Just posting this to mainly let you know Im not dead, and that I have a lot more free time on my hands now :)


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