Ha... Figured it was time to make another one of these with everything going on right now.

Summer hasnt exactly been as productive as Id have hoped, I was hoping to get a ton of music out but I just kept putting it off... Damn it I hate being lazy. I have multiple projects WIP at the moment and its just a matter of finishing them, Im hoping to get one finished by the end of august but with my motivational problem it may end up being pushed back, it will come when it comes is what Im trying to say.

Speaking of summer progress the track I have uploaded so far this summer, Rapture, has just recieved an update with a redone master as the old one was really... well, crap. Go check it out if you have the time:


Lets talk about the future now, mainly the rest of this year. I got my exam results on Thursday and Im proud to say I got what I needed to get into my university of choice ^_^ yay! This means Im going to be very tied up starting in october but I plan to do some things at uni to help me out with my music, I plan to relearn the violin at some point hopefully. I will need to get a job to do that but hopefully it will be worth it (Expect covers on my youtube channel when Im compotent xD) I also want to invest in a midi keyboard and learn to use it as well as purchase a few new VST plugins to make the different sounds in my music more diverse... I really need to get a job to afford all that though, Im not popular enough to accept charity ;3;

I have some stuff planned out in the way of collabs over the next few months including two with ThePredator, one of which is currently in progress. I also want to do some kind of remix later this year but Im not sure what to remix yet x), I want to enjoy doing it so Id rather choose it myself. Other than that I dont really know what to say other than thanks for sticking with me even though there is a huge deficit on music right now, hopefully Ill have less frustration and more obligation to work on stuff going forward!

Thanks :)

Okay, so its been half a year yet again *sigh* definitely didnt keep to my new year resolution. Still, now that my exams are over I have three whole months of time to burn until I go of to university (If I even get into university xD)

Ive been working on music over the last half a year, some projects have stood the test of time where others have not. Right now though I have three full song projects in the works (one of which is about 75% finished) and one more lightweight project, as well as several others planned. My main problem is Im too much of a perfectionist and give up when I cant get things the way I want them. I certainly need to start pushing crap out though if I want to start pushing out gold. Thats how things work, not everything can be perfect.

Im going to do something different this time and instead of saying that there will be lots of stuff coming and I will get back into things properly Im going to be honest with you (and myself) and say that they will come out when they are ready. Im not going to rush on things, because I dont have fun doing that, but I will definitely try to slack on things less than I am right now.

Just posting this to mainly let you know Im not dead, and that I have a lot more free time on my hands now :)

Announcing my new Artist name!

2017-01-28 14:32:59 by sigma16

So, Ive been planning this for quite a while. I figured that its time for change so I came up with a more original name for myself: "Arrez". Ive spent quite a bit of time getting things ready for this (A name change isnt as easy as it sounds!) and Im finally ready.

Ive decided to set myself up a new youtube account for a fresh start over there so if you subbed to my old one then be sure to sub to my new one (I dont plan on uploading songs to my old one long term). Ive also taken this opportunity to set myself up with a social media account on twitter where I can share both my music and other assorted things. You can find a link to both in my contact info.

In other news Ive also finished my first track since june last year which I feel is a massive accomplishment because Ive been struggling quite a bit when it comes to composing music over the last 6 months, and after finishing something again Ive regained a lot of my confidence. Im working on the final things I need to get it up right now and it should be up later tonight. Ill be sure to make an edit here when I get it up!

Thanks! ;D

EDIT: Here it is! I hope you all enjoy ;)


Hey everyone, just thought Id let you all know I now have a soundcloud and will also upload my tracks there if you want to go check it out.

Heres the link to my profile: https://soundcloud.com/user-414910752

In other news, I have Exams for the rest of this month but Im still going to try to wedge some production in between revision (After all, It cant be all work and no play! X3) so you can still expect something from me soon, but it will probably be more towards the end of the month and starting next month that I have more free time to do things.

Thanks ~ Sigma

I now have a YouTube Channel! :3

2015-09-08 17:34:15 by sigma16

Hey Everyone :P I finally got a youtube channel  for my music stuff ;D

Heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsht1rzZ5r1NiU0oYMH0piw

Go check it out because youll be sure to find things there that you wont here like previews of upcoming tracks :) (theres one there already for you peeps to check out!)

It looks pretty ugly at the moment because the channel is brand new but Ill be sure to sort things out in the future ;)